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What does running mean to you?

The first Wednesday in June is celebrated annually as Global Running Day (GDR) worldwide. GDR is a celebration of running which was started by the New York Road Runners (NYRR) as National Running Day back in 2009. The first Global Running Day happened in 2016, and now, tens of thousands of people around the world now take part and pledge to get out there and run.

Running is fairly straightforward, putting one foot in front of the other in an accelerated motion, but is more than that to most. To celebrate GRD, we asked five Canadian runners to give us one word on what “running” means to them.


Cindy Gallant (right) running in Toronto with Asics ambassadors. Photo: Asics Canada

“Ever since joining a run club, my perspective on running has drastically changed. I realized it wasn’t about chasing results but more of a time to connect with others and work together when the going gets tough. Everyone in the running community all shares that one thing in common.”


Lisa Sun (left) and her running friends at the 2020 Disney Marathon

“The sport has introduced me to many wonderful people and brought those who share a like-minded interest into my life. My running friends have become my second family, they are a part of my life.”


Kinsey Middleton at the 2022 Ottawa Marathon. Photo: Richard A. Whittaker

“I’ve loved to run since I was young. The sport has shaped my life. Before the 2022 Ottawa Marathon, my mom told me to go do what you were born to do. The word ‘passion‘ summarizes how I feel about running.”


Sarah Montcada with her finisher medal at the 2022 Toronto Marathon.

“Running has taught me that I am capable of going further and faster than I imagined. I run to push boundaries beyond limits. The sport has shown me hope that anything is possible in my day-to-day life when you put your mind to something.”


Patricia Rubio running around Stanley Park at the 2022 BMO Vancouver Marathon

“Running is the only time when it’s just me. It’s my time when I can finally drown out all the outside noise and sort through the thoughts in my head. It is my therapy that helps me find that moment of peace. After a run, I feel grounded and ready to take on the world.”

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For more information on Global Running Day, click here.



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