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Vegan Protein Energy Balls – Holy Cow Vegan

With smooth-as-silk peanut butter, the crunch of chia seeds and tiny bites of chocolate, these tasty vegan protein energy balls will satisfy every snack craving.

These no-bake, no-hassle vegan protein energy bites are so amazing! They are loaded with tasty but nourishing ingredients, including peanut butter, almond flour, chia seeds and chocolate, and just one will satisfy all hunger cravings while keeping you on track toward all your health goals. The energy balls are soy-free, gluten-free and grain-free.

Vegan protein energy balls in white bowl with more energy balls and chocolate chips scattered around.

I am an incorrigible snacker and making healthy snack recipes has been really key in keeping me on track on my journey toward better health. These high protein energy balls are my favorite go-to snack. I put them together in under 10 minutes at the start of each week and just one keeps me full and satisfied until it’s time for the next meal.

These are super customizable: I don’t think I ever make this energy ball recipe exactly the same way twice, and I’ll have suggestions on how you can tweak them to your tastes. But the combination of ingredients I am sharing today is by far my most favorite. The flavor and texture of the nutty peanut butter and crunchy chia seeds combined with the hint of chocolate is simply incredible.

You can also size them as you like. I shape these into rather hefty bites, for 20 energy balls in all, but you can make 24 or even 30 smaller balls.



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