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Vegan Mango Smoothie – Holy Cow Vegan

Take the edge off summer with a tall, refreshing, DIVINE vegan mango smoothie!

If the idea of sipping a smooth, creamy, sweet mango straight out of a glass makes your mouth water, you must try this vegan mango smoothie. It is so delicious and all you need to make it are five ingredients and five minutes. The secret is cardamom which pairs beautifully with mango and adds an exquisite aroma to this smoothie, and a hint of vanilla. Drink on its own or serve topped with vegan vanilla ice cream for an extra special treat.

Two glasses of vegan mango smoothie topped with vegan ice cream and an almond and pumpkin seed garnish. The glasses are standing in a tray with cubes of ice and cardamom pods are strewn around.

Summers are made for mangoes, and I can’t wait each year to make delicious mango treats like these vegan mango cupcakes, vegan mango cake, vegan mango kulfi and vegan mango bread.

This vegan mango smoothie captures all the delicious flavor of the season in one glass with just five ingredients.

Like most Indians and Indian-born, mangoes are, unequivocally, my favorite fruit. I know there are some people out there who, inexplicably, do not like mangoes, but that’s perhaps because they’ve never eaten an Indian mango: ripe, richly aromatic, brilliantly gold, and so succulent that the juice drips down your hands as you bite into it.

I use canned Indian alphonso mangoes for this smoothie recipe, which are easily available at Indian stores and online (I’ll add an affiliate link in the recipe card although you’d almost certainly get a better deal at an Indian store). You can also use fresh champagne mangoes or sweet frozen mangoes to make this smoothie. Try it, and it’s sure to become one of your favorite smoothie recipes!



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