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Tuesday Tangents!

(Shoes, shorts, shirt)

Morning!  I had a great night of sleep and woke up on my own feeling refreshed before my alarm clock went off.  I did 20 minutes of upper body strength and then set out with some friends for 10.6 miles @ 8:11 average.  For those who strength train before you run, I need to know when you eat.  Do you eat something after you strength train and before you run?  I had a banana with pb after my strength training and a protein drink after my run!

The front pocket on these shorts is perfect for my chapstick.  I have trained my body to need a reapplication of chapstick every 14 minutes.

IMG 9543

My sister took Skye on a date with her youngest for lunch and to the bowling alley.  It went well;)

IMG 3648

More soccer happened too.

IMG 9554


Now for a few tangents:

*We started calling our laundry room something new—> The Pain Cave.  I want to get more regular rides in again but I’m also kind of afraid, this bike is so hard for me.

IMG 9435

*Beck brought out more mats when Andrew was doing core work and then he just laid there while he ate a spoonful of pb.

IMG 9553

*Glove compartment necessities:  Maurtens, allergy medication (mine are SO bad right now), and my Liquid IV (HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL here will get you 25% off and free shipping) that I drink every day of my life.

IMG 9432

*I chickened out last second on trying the Alphafly’s with my gift card.  I get so freaked out about my plantar fasciitis acting up again that I just wanted to stick to something that has worked SO well for me.   This fast color combo (they are listed as men’s but they are unisex) also helped me make the decision.  I get questions about sizing often about these shoes and I wish I had a better answer… I have them in two sizes!  I have them in 10 (women’s… my normal size) and 10.5.  I honestly don’t really notice a difference but the ones below are 10.5 so maybe I do prefer a half size up.  If in doubt, go a half size up but if you want to stick to your normal sizing, I think that might work too?!

IMG 9499

*Beck and Skye were with me at Wasatch Running Store so I had to make the above decision QUICK.

IMG 9493

*A quick dinner that tasted great!  We put the veggies and curry/coconut milk combo over rice and topped it with avocado.

IMG 9529

*That little parrot in Skye’s pocket has been copying (aka Skye’s voice) everything I say for the last 24 hours.  I’m losing my mind.

IMG 9548

*I mentioned on a run that Pop-Tarts sounded good and later on in the day, Maddie appeared with these.  I have not had one of these in forever and they are just as good as I remembered them to be.

IMG 9525


Share a tangent with me!

Any quick meals that you’ve made recently and loved?

Do you wear the same size in most running shoes?  Do you notice it change between different brands and types of shoes?

Strength train + run?  When do you eat?

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