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Top 5 Safe Travel Tips For Summer 2021

Have a little anxiousness about flying this summer? If it’s your first flight in a long time, we have some safe travel tips to make your trip smoother sailing.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer vacation. But on June 1 of 2020, according to Transportation Security Administration statistics, less than 268,000 Americans flew the friendly skies. What a difference a year can make. On May 31 of this year, over 1.95 million Americans travelled, the most reported since March 2020, when much of the nation went into lockdown. 

Although we’re excited to fly again, to see friends and family we haven’t seen in far too long, some of us are for good reason apprehensive about taking their first post-pandemic flight. 

But sit back and relax, because we have some tips to soothe your anxiousness about flying. Here are 5 top tips for travelling safely this summer….

Safe Travel Tips #1: Lower Your Stress 

Easier said than done when you have to catch an early morning flight, have a two-hour layover, and arrive across the country late at night bleary eyed, right? 

Well, even more reason to manage your stress…

Obviously, you should be practicing stress management techniques every single day, be it Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, going for a walk in nature, etc…

But when you know you’re going to have a particularly stressful day, it’s even more imperative to squeeze in a stress management activity. And there’s no excuse not to, even a super-early morning flight. Have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to make it to the airport in time? Then wake up 15 minutes earlier and meditate. 

Even a brief meditation or deep breathing session can lower your cortisol levels. This will help prevent the suppression of your immune system. 

And when you’re standing in the long security line, and your glutes are going numb from the long flight, and you’re waiting for what feels like an eternity for your baggage, remember from time to time to take long deep breaths. Checking your smartphone for social media or news updates may make the time go by quicker, but it likely won’t do anything to lower your cortisol levels. #JustBreathe

Safe Travel Tips for Summer #2: Do This Ancient Ayurvedic Tradition

Even with a mandatory mask policy still enforced by the FAA, you’ll likely take off your mask at least once or twice during a flight to eat and drink. (If you’re going to wear a mask, you may as well wear one that’s the most effective, i.e. an N95 or K95 mask.) 

And when you do momentarily remove your mask , all the invisible potential pathogens from the people sitting around you can make their way up your nose. 

Nasya is a thousands-year-old practice from ancient India that may make your flying experience a safer one. It involves the practice of lubricating the nasal passages with therapeutic oils. 

In order for your sinuses and nostrils to remain healthy, the mucous membranes in your nose need to be lubricated every day. We brush our teeth and floss every day for optimal oral hygiene, but relatively few people practice nasal hygiene. (nose picking certainly does not count!) 

NOSE is our FAA-friendly (carry it on the flight with you) nasal lubricant that’s formulated using the wisdom of ancient nasya traditions. The probiotics, colloidal silver and herbal oils in NOSE nasal lubricant are like bouncers in a bar, keeping the bad dudes out of your respiratory passage. 

Safe Travel Tips #3: Coat Your Throat With Adaptogenic Herbs 

Adaptogenic herbs are one of the biggest health trends over the last several years. And because of the stress caused by the pandemic, that trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Also called “adaptogens,” adaptogenic herbs normalize bodily functions that have been harmed by stress of all kinds, be it environmental or physical or emotional. 

Many of our superfood ingredients, including our 20-blend mushroom powder, SUPER ‘SHROOMS, are considered adaptogenic herbs by herbalists. 

But it’s not very convenient to take mushroom powder and use it on an airplane. That’s one reason we created IMMUNE TONIC, a throat spray with 9 adaptogenic herbs. Also FAA-compliant for carry on, we recommend spraying IMMUNE TONIC a few times on the day of your flight: once before entering the airport, once before boarding the plane and one more time before you land. 

Safe Travel Tips #4: Get up, get up, get busy, do it, get up & move that body…

Long flights can cause blood stagnation, which can lead to poor blood circulation. Even if you’re young, fit and healthy, stagnant blood flow can cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can cause a blood clot to break off and travel to your heart or lungs. DVT  can be fatal so don’t take it lightly. 

In order to prevent blood stagnation, periodically raise your feet an inch off the ground, alternating, as if you’re marching in place. And when it’s time to go to the bathroom, use the opportunity to do a few quick stretches while you’re waiting in line. 

Safe Travel Tips #5: Mom was right, wash your hands.

The time-tested wisdom of hand washing shouldn’t be ignored here. But you may actually be harming your health if you rely on anti-bacterial soap. Bactericidal soaps often contain toxic chemicals that may pose a risk to human health. Furthermore, they also kill the beneficial bacteria on your skin. Instead, you can use organic hand sanitizer or regular soap and warm water. 

Bonus Tip: Disinfect the air with AIR

If you really want to cover all your bases, you can spray your airline seat with AIR, our natural disinfectant spray and air purifier. AIR is formulated with essential oils that are backed by clinical research to neutralize potentially-harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. It’s great for hotel rooms and bathrooms, too!


Patience will definitely be a virtue and help keep you sane while travelling this summer. And being patient and tolerant will benefit society as a whole. That’s because those employed in the service and travel industry are struggling a bit to adapt to ever-changing rules and doing their best to make things feel normal. 

Keep your cool and stay calm. Travelling in summer 2021 might not be exactly the same as summer 2019. Many people, while relieved that in the USA things are returning to normalcy, stress levels are still high; people may trigger easily. So show appreciation for airport employees, those in transportation and flight attendants. 

Enjoy travelling again and Bon Voyage!


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