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Thursday Things! – The Hungry Runner Girl

(shorts, top, shoes)

8 miles @ 8:48 average and each mile felt terrible.  I’m guessing it’s because of the heat but also some days just feel terrible and there is nothing you can do about it.

There was a half marathon that I used to do here that STARTED on this huge uphill.  Nothing like feeling defeated .4 miles into a 13.1 mile race.

IMG 9981

We went to the bike park before getting in the car to head home.  Everyone needed to get their energy out!

IMG 9991

I drove while he studied and the drive was extended by a few hours because of traffic!

IMG 0008


Just a few Thursday Things:

*Whenever I am doing a solo run on the roads, I try to vary things as much as possible.  I’ll jump up and down off of curbs, run on the grass when I can, hop onto some gravel and get a mixture of surfaces throughout the run.  It helps to strengthen my stabilizer muscles and avoid overuse injuries.

IMG 9879

*I started getting grey hair when I was 27 and with each year I am getting more and more.

IMG 9839

*My left knee and foot were feeling a little rough last week and then I just wore my Cliftons for a few days straight and boom… nothing.   I’m getting a little too confident in these because they make everything in my running world right again.  I am positive I would still be dealing with plantar fasciitis if it wasn’t for these.

FullSizeRender 4


IMG 9972

*My brother got a Tesla and so we went out for a drive in it… My stomach DOES NOT handle the 0 to 60 in 3 seconds thing at all.

IMG 9877

*He also got some new Pump It shoes… does this take anyone else back a few decades?

IMG 9900

*It doesn’t matter how many time we see my brother’s fake snake, it always gives us a heart attack!

IMG 9896

*Beck is in the stage of falling ALL of the time.  He thinks he can do everything the big kids can do which is resulting in scratches galore.

IMG 9971

*Runkeeper sent this email… all it takes is 15:09 minutes of movement to lift our moods.

IMG 9980


Have any grey hairs?  When did it start for you?

Favorite surface to run on?

-I love the spring of a track and wish our city had it weaving through the area for a few miles instead of in a circle.

Ever done a road race that started with an uphill?

Have a dream car?  



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