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The Fantastic Benefits of Cacao Butter

Cacao butter

When you’re creating a list of healthy foods you’d like to include in your daily diet, cacao butter may not be the first option that comes to mind, and perhaps not even the second, third or fourth. Well, we aren’t talking about the cocoa butter in your cheat desserts, but raw cacao butter, in its purest form.

Organic Cacao Butter offers a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and fantastic benefits that can drastically improve the quality of your health – and you get to take advantage of the indulgent chocolatey flavour completely guilt-free!


What is cacao butter?

Cacao butter is the raw and cold-pressed oil of the cacao bean, which grows on the Theobroma cacao tree. This bean is the same one that produces Cacao Powder and confectionery chocolate. However, unlike chocolate, cacao butter is less processed, as it never exceeds conditions of 46 degrees celsius during its production, allowing the superfood to retain all its amazing qualities.

The nourishing butter can be applied to your skin or added to your daily diet, to make the most of its health benefits. The superfood is packed with healthy fats, rich nutrients, antioxidants and also helps boost your mood and energy levels. These facts definitely make cacao butter one of the best health foods out there.


Put an end to your calorific chocolate desserts by adding cacao butter to your weight-loss diet. The superfood consists of completely healthy vegan fat, with antioxidants that fight off free radicals in your body. The good fats, as well as the low-calorie content, can help quicken your metabolism, allowing your body to shed those stubborn extra pounds.

Its rich and creamy texture also makes you feel full for longer, maintaining a well-balanced appetite throughout the day.

Energy & mood booster

Every wondered why chocolate makes you happy? Yes, the flavour plays a significant role in this. However, it is also due to its ability to boost neurotransmitters in your body and balance out hormones. Furthermore, cacao contains serotonin and dopamine, which also help boost energy levels and encourage good moods.

Reduces inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is one of the main causes of several illnesses? Enter cacao butter. The superfood is packed with polyphenols, antioxidants that help your immune system combat free radicals, helping reduce inflammation. This can help reduce high blood pressure and prevent illnesses from becoming more severe.

Skin health

Its rich supply of polyphenols can work its wonders on the inside as well as on the outside when applied to the skin. Polyphenols can help improve skin elasticity and boost collagen production, allowing your skin to keep its youthfulness and its natural glow.

The qualities of cacao butter can also help keep your skin nourished and hydrated. The antioxidants in the superfood can help regenerate your skin, helping you get rid of stretch marks and minor scars.

Mix to make guilt-free treats!

These fantastic benefits allow cacao butter to qualify as the ultimate superfood that can improve the quality of your health. In order to make the most of its vitamins and nutrients, make sure to use it in its purest form. You may use cacao butter as a natural sweetener to make your own favourite chocolate treats and breakfast smoothies!




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