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The Drop Running Podcast E91 (Jean-Luc Diard, Hoka Founder) » Believe in the Run

Robbe is back from his time on the West Coast, so of course he has adventures to share. We also dig into some upcoming news about Summer GRIT (including our party on June 11) and talk about the Asics Glideride 3. However, the intro is really just an appetizer this week, our guest is what it’s all about.

We don’t always have living legends on The Drop, but when we do, we go big. This week, the team sat down with Jean-Luc Diard, founder of Hoka (I know, right?!?). I don’t even know if you need us to recap his resume, but we will. Diard was previously the CEO at Salomon, helped develop the modern parabolic ski, the modern golf driver, and then messed around and created Hoka. Now, he’s the head of Deckers X Lab, which is the innovation arm for Hoka, Teva, and more. We’ve been living in Deckers shoes for a while now, so just give it a listen.

Here’s the audio podcast, but you can head even further down for the video versions.


Interview with Jean-Luc

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