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Six little stories of running – RUNIVORE


A runner just began running for a few weeks and already signed up for a big race at the end of the year. That’s SELF-BELIEF.


A major marathon is canceled due to the corona-virus, and yet thousands of runners that signed up for it as their goal race continue to follow their training plan and train. That’s COMMITMENT.


While everyone is speeding through the course, one runner, who is repeatedly getting passed, continues at her own pace, running her own race with a big smile. That’s CONFIDENCE.


Surrounded by high-tech shoes, ergonomically optimized packs, latest fashion…one runner toes the starting line with his decade-old gears with pride. That’s SIMPLICITY.


A plus-size runner wearing a shirt that says, “Badass Comes in All Shapes and Sizes.”


A runner powers up a big hill at dawn, stops at the top to admire the sunrise and bites into a RUNIVORE Coffee Cacao energy bar. That’s HAPPINESS.(joking but not joking)


You know what would make your runs even happier and full of positive energy? That’s right people, it’s some delicious and powerful Runivore bars.

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