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Sentence Per Picture! – The Hungry Runner Girl

(shirt, shorts, shoes)

A run with Lauren!

I moved up to a TEN-minute core class (5-minute core classes are my normal) before the run.

IMG 9567

Brooke is the biggest helper.

IMG 9569

Skye had her preschool graduation!

IMG 9579

(I love these pants and this top a lot)

She was pretty happy to find this in Skye’s notebook of pictures.

IMG 9593

I love this picture of these two so much.

IMG 9613

So grown up.

My current snack mix for the car.

Brooke made sheet pan nachos for dinner!

We are all stomach sleepers over here.

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I had this post completed before I saw what happened in Texas and I couldn’t stop crying. I wish I could take the pain away from these sweet families.


Do you move around a lot when you sleep?  Back, side, or stomach sleeper?

Who is one of your female role models?

Have a sentence for the day?



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