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Runs for Cookies: Memorial Day

When I stop and think about Memorial Day, I get kind of emotional. Nobody very close to me has died in combat (for which I am so thankful–I worried about my brother every single day that he was in Iraq). But as a mom, Memorial Day makes me feel sad for all the moms out there who have lost a child in the military.

This is a picture of Eli when he was on a school field trip at the River Raisin National Battlefield Park. Each of the 379 flags behind him represents a fallen soldier from The River Raisin Massacre during the War of 1812. I love this picture–the rain only seemed to compliment it somehow.

Since Jerry and the boys have the day off of work today, I’m going to take a break today, too 🙂  

Here is a week’s worth of random facts; I wasn’t planning to post all of them, but I found all of them interesting! I’m not going to comment on them and I didn’t google anything about them, but here goes:

Enjoy the day! Hopefully your weather is as great as southeast Michigan’s right now.



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