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Mums And Coding: Why It’s Beneficial

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If you are a mum and the concept of coding or program development comes up, it can be easy to feel intimidated. But you have tackled bigger problems before. Coding is as much an art form as it is a science, and it is also another language.

More and more mums are becoming coders today because they have the time to learn it and the flexibility of being a data scientist, web developer, or software programmer from home. One way to get there is through Python certification.

Learn more about the many benefits of coding or programming when you are a mother.

Mums Are Ideal Coders

Mums are ideal coders because of the many skills and talents that you need for coding that are intuitive by nature. Life is difficult on a daily basis because you are working for someone else before you even get out of bed in the morning.

The job of keeping tiny humans fueled and successful all day, every day has become second nature to you.  Within every moment of the day, you are planning the next comment, strategising the next event, and always multitasking.

With coding, you are always looking ahead and problem-solving as you go and before the problems even arrive. As a mum, you don’t always get to decide what happens next, but you do become skilled at seeing those events ahead of time. This is what coders do.

Programmers are called talented when they are able to use their creative problem-solving skills to develop unique solutions that result in beautiful web designs, exceptional analytical reports, and software that helps everyday people solve real-world dilemmas, or play games. That is part of the talent of programming. Being a mum helps you to track those results.

Learning How to be Goal Oriented

When you are a mum, you have little people whom you teach the art of being goal-oriented every day. You teach them how to do chores, get their homework done, brush their teeth, and more. This is goal-setting. But do you set your own goals?

The very question might bring some relief to you. How often do you get to dream about your own success? The chances are slim that you dream about that more than you dream about theirs. Programming and coding let you do that. This is an exciting field that is always offering upward mobility.

It’s not a sacrifice to take a few minutes from their homework time to do a little bit of your own. It’s as much investment into their future as it is yours. When you get there, you set new goals. You set new goals in your programming and in your career. This could be that missing puzzle piece that takes you out of that rut and teaches you something that is really rewarding for you and for them.

As a mum, you probably already have an app for everything and know how to Google the exact thing you need. How many times have you Googled something like, “red drawstring paper pencil bag thing.” And then you found it. Programming is similar.

You might be worried about being lost as a programmer and not knowing enough about how to get it all done. There is an app for that and a Google search string for that too. 

Physical computing helps if you have the hardware tools already, but notebooks are coders and programmers’ best friends. You’ll learn how useful the tools you already have are and how easy it is to access the tools that you will need too.

Critical Thinking Benefits

There are many critical thinking benefits to coding and programming that many people just do not understand until they get there. Programming is a language. It’s a means of communicating.

You string code together to solve problems and create things that everyday people use all day, every day. You get to be at the start of that chain.

To be successful, you develop critical thinking skills that you will be able to use in every area of your life. Most importantly, though, these critical thinking skills will help you in your career and on the escalation path. 

You will learn as you go what programming language doesn’t work and how to stop beating your head against the wall over it. As a mom, you’ve already got these skills too. Being a critical thinker is a benefit that will manifest in every area of your life after you become a programmer.

Become a Programmer

When you are a programmer, you have many benefits in life that many will envy, even others in the tech field. Programming is not for everyone and not even for everyone in tech. It’s something special, like being a mum. 

You have many of the skills you already need to build on your own intuitive talents. Now you just need to learn the language. Start your journey today to become a talented mum in the field of programming.

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