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Make new year resolutions stick – RUNIVORE

A new year. So new year resolutions.
Here we go again – start going to the gym, drink less, lose weight, run three times a week, 30-day plank challenge, etc.

It’s now two weeks into January. Are you still kicking ass? Or enthusiasm already waning?

Let’s take building healthier habits such as cutting chemical-laden junk food, for example.

Maybe you want to drop a few pounds, or perhaps there are health concerns. Whatever the reason, when you focus on the act of not eating that bag of chips or a couple of doughnuts and try to make it happen with blunt force willpower only, it’s tough to go the distance.

Willpower is like a muscle. It gets fatigued, and you will eventually cave in. That’s why after that long, brain-draining meeting in the afternoon, you often hit the office pantry with a vengeance.

Sometimes it’s helpful to connect with your feelings a bit by asking yourself questions.
Let your logical side have a chat with your compulsive side:

-What is triggering my craving?
-What do I think this bag of chips is doing for me?
-Is there another way for me to achieve this same result?
-If I eat this bag of chips, how will I feel afterward?
-Will eating this help me relax or make me happier?
-Are any of the perceived benefits true?
-What is holding me back from saying no to junk food?

At your moment of weakness, a simple timeout before you give in to bad habits allows YOU to talk YOU out of it.

Here’s another tip!
Have healthier and delicious options at the ready when just willpower won’t do it.

Mother nature already did the heavy lifting. Runivore just combined these natural superfoods into a convenient, tasty snack. Great for pre-, during, post-workouts and anytime, anywhere in between. Vegan-friendly, gluten-free. Get yours now!

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