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Level Up Your Employee Mental Health Benefits with Expanded Access to Care

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The mental health needs of employees are both increasing and changing. So, we’ve broadened our platform to include global access, therapy for children as young as six, coaching for adults, support for substance use disorder, and manager support and training.

“The pandemic exacerbated the mental health crisis for parents and children, so we made it a conscious priority to become the most complete mental health solution for the whole family,” says CEO and Cofounder April Koh. 

“And by expanding our platform to include a broader spectrum of care like substance use disorder and coaching—and connecting members to a licensed clinician within two days—we are a fast and effective one-stop solution for mental health care globally.”

Let’s dive into these expanded mental health offerings, and the benefits they can offer to you and your employees. 

Mental health for the whole family

For working parents, managing treatment and caring for kids who are struggling with mental health takes a toll. In fact, 71% report that concerns about their child’s mental wellbeing make working more difficult. 

With Spring Health, employees can spend less time navigating a complex landscape on their own, and more time getting the help their family needs all in one place. This includes:

  • Care management
  • Coaches for adults
  • Self-serve tools
  • Dedicated human guidance from a clinical Care Navigator 

Parents can schedule a therapy appointment for a family member as young as six years old and meet with a therapist within two days—compared to the industry average of 7.5 weeks.

Learn more about our streamlined experience for family mental healthcare.

Global access to precision mental healthcare

Spring Health is leading the global EAP transformation by expanding precision mental healthcare for families around the world. Our offering includes::

  • A clinically validated, digital assessment
  • Personalized care plans
  • Localized, culturally embedded provider networks

Globally, the average time to a care appointment for Spring Health members is less than two days.

By the end of 2022, Spring Health’s proprietary platform and networks—which provide precision mental healthcare and personalized, localized care delivery—will be available in more than 50 countries and over 20 languages including Mandarin, Canadian French, Dutch, Portuguese, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, and more.

Substance use disorder support

The challenges and uncertainty brought forth by COVID-19 have worsened an already serious issue—25% of essential workers, and 13% of all workers, have increased substance use because of the pandemic. 

As the prevalence of SUD continues to rise, so does the demand for a better solution.

Spring Health delivers the first full-spectrum navigation and treatment solution for individuals experiencing substance use disorder. Based on their precise needs, members will be guided to the right care at the right time, including: 

  • Self-help tools
  • One-on-one virtual coaching
  • Intensive outpatient 
  • Inpatient residential treatment 

These are all accessible through Spring Health. No matter where employees are starting, they’ll receive proactive, high-touch clinical guidance from a dedicated licensed clinician throughout their journey including prevention and recovery support.

Learn more about how you can help employees with SUD get on the road to recovery.  

Coaching for adults and parents

As part of a stratified approach to care, coaching can be complementary, independent of, or an introductory step to therapy.

Spring Health’s certified and credentialed coaches help adult employees develop and implement strategies to achieve short-term goals. 

They specialize in parenting, personal development, or health and wellbeing, and use evidenced-based methodologies to help with a variety of needs, including supporting children in therapy, major life transitions, co-parenting, work/life balance and more.  

Setting your people leaders up for success

People leaders are often the first line of support for employees in need. Spring Health equips managers with the tools they need to have supportive conversations and handle emotions with care. 

In addition to trainings, self-serve tools, and resources, all managers have a dedicated clinical Care Navigator who can advise on leadership challenges, make recommendations and referrals, or lend emotional support as needed. 

Learn more about our expanded offerings, and how they can better support the mental health needs of your employees and their families. 

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June 2, 2022



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