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Let’s Talk Crystals! 🎙️💎 Podcast Interview

Today we’re highlighting my crystal podcast interview with one of my favorite podcasts for over a decade now: The Psychic Teachers

I had the privilege of doing a fun episode with them — Let’s Talk Crystals!

crystal podcast

I had so much fun with the Psychic Teachers.

Like I said… I’ve admired and been a fangirl of theirs for eons and have been tuning in since way back in the day when we first used iPods. 😂 Remember that?

We had a wonderful chat + we discussed all things crystals including:

  • My top crystals
  • What do I recommend for beginners?
  • Best way to cleanse crystals and so much more…

Let’s Talk Crystals Podcast

You can listen on apple or on iheartradio here:

or click on the YouTube video below (it’s audio only though).

Crystal Podcast Transcript:

Samantha Fey: Hello and welcome to Psychic Teachers. I’m your host, Samantha Fey.
Deb Bowen: And I’m Deb Bowen.

Samantha Fey: And today we have such a treat for you. So sit back and enjoy as we prepare to discuss crystals with our very special guest, Hibiscus Moon. Most of you have probably seen her on her popular YouTube channel. She’s a former science department head turned crystal practitioner and self-proclaimed geo geek extraordinaire. She’s the founder of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, which has been certifying people from around the globe since 2011 in the art and science of crystal therapy. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work. Hibiscus Moon has garnered a thriving Facebook and Instagram presence with over 500,000 followers in her crystal family. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the show, Hibiscus. We have so many questions for you, but we want to start with the basic one. How did your love affair with crystals start?

Hibiscus Moon: Okay. I can dive into that and riff about that all day, but can I please just tell everybody what a fangirl of you both I am and that I’ve been listening to you since BlogTalkRadio on my little iPod fake knockoff thing since the very beginning.

Deb Bowen: And we are honored and honored and beyond words to hear you say that, so thank you so much for that.

Hibiscus Moon: I love you two so much. Both of you have such an energy. Deb, for me, your accent just puts me into this trance-like state and of course, the knowledge you have to share. And then Samantha’s voice has this particular resonance to it that gives me ASMR tingles. Have any of you heard this before?

Samantha Fey: I have heard that before. I dislike my voice, so I really appreciate that.

Hibiscus Moon: Oh, no. I love both. I love both. Okay.

Samantha Fey: Thank you.

Hibiscus Moon: So anyway, what was the question again? Love affair with… Okay. How did it start?

Samantha Fey: Yes.

Hibiscus Moon: Okay. So, well, way back when I had my first memory, very strongly emblazoned in my brain from when I was three years old of leafing through… My father used to take us to museums and stuff that kids don’t like to do and would find boring, but he took us to these museums and I don’t recollect seeing… I think it was the museum of natural history. I don’t remember seeing the crystal or mineral collection, I don’t even know if he went there, but he had the book. He got the book and it was like a coffee table book. And I remember just being enthralled by that book and leafing through it every day. And what they would have is a picture of a rough crystal.

Hibiscus Moon: And then next to it, the faceted one. And sometimes the rough crystal was just as gorgeous as a faceted one, like a tourmaline or something. And I couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact, and I’m three, that I’m going… Because they would have pictures of people mining them and them coming out of the dirt and I’d go, “This is in the dirt?” So I would go digging in my yard, looking for crystals. I didn’t find any, I found lots of worms, but not the crystals. But I was just absolutely riveted that mama earth created these beautiful, gorgeous beings in nature.

Samantha Fey: There’s something special about that museum of natural history. I’m sure you’ve been to that crystal room since haven’t you?

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What are the other big takeaways?

  • I’m the queen of practicality, it has to be easy!
  • It’s about developing a connection to your crystals
  • What do we need to be mindful of when working with our crystals?
  • Black Tourmaline as a transmuter
  • How do I respond when people say “They’re just rocks, calm down!”?

I hope you enjoy this crystal podcast. What did you think? Do you love Deb and Samantha as much as I do? Did you learn anything new? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

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