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It is hard + the day + bringing this….

Wednesday Workout with the group.

(Tank, shorts, shoes) <— I’ve decided to wear my Vaporflys more often. I originally wanted only to use them for races and KEY workouts, but now I want to wear them for most of my speed days. Wearing them more often is quite the investment, but I feel like I recover better after a hard effort when I wear these shoes, so it’s worth it to me.

I’ve been bringing my Theragun with me to use before I start workouts.  That way, I can loosen things up, increase mobility and get the blood moving before starting.  I also did a few squats to get my glutes activated and ready to take on the work, so I don’t make my hamstrings do all of the work.

I had a bagel before I left and a Maurten caffeine gel after the first mile repeat.  I needed caffeine.

A few miles to warm up, and then we got into our mile repeats.  These repeats are part flat but mostly downhill, and then the recovery is back up to the start again, forming a big circle.

Fast miles—> 5:24, 5:32, 5:34, 5:38, 5:35, 5:28.  I quickly realized that our downhill mile repeats are not nearly as downhill as the race I did 1.5 weeks ago.  My average pace for that race was 5:32, and hitting that pace for the race (I mean, doing a bunch of them in a row was hard) felt easier than doing each of these mile repeats.  I think I have retired from races that are as downhill as the one I did 1.5 weeks ago because they are so hard on the body.  I think if I do those often, I will get injured very easily!

I cleaned my watch when I got home:)

I was pretty excited to be matching my Peloton instructor during my ten-minute glutes and legs class. The first five minutes were pure hip bridges with a heavy weight, and I thought my glutes would fall off.  I tend to do lower body strength work the day of my hard workouts/long runs to have a few days to recover before my next hard running day.  It isn’t easy to start strength after you are tired from a speed workout, but I keep reminding myself that strength makes the most significant difference in my running (and that I can do anything for ten minutes).

IMG 2099

Now for the rest of the day…

Skye had her last day at gymnastics for a few months (taking the summer off), and she was given a donut at the end.  I was thrilled that she didn’t like it and wanted me to eat it.

The board and batten is done on our house and now they are painting it.  Everything should be finished this week.

Beck was very happy to wake up from his nap and see that Knox was there!

We made bucket lists with the girls that I do an activity with twice a month.  My friend’s board that she made was so beautiful.

He has mastered being on his tippy toes to get into everything he can.

Yep, more soccer!

IMG 9677

Beehive Meals is saving the day again for me.  They deliver them right to my door, and all I have to do is put them in the crockpot.  Hungryrunnergirl10 will get you $10 off if you want to try them out.  They are so good.

We went with the Sweet Chicken Tacos yesterday and it was so nice to eat within minutes of coming in the door from soccer.

IMG 9680


Tell me a few of your top summer bucket list items!

Tell me what your workout is today!

Last donut that you had?  Do you eat donuts very often?



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