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Is shockwave effective for Achilles tendinopathy?

Treatments tend to fall in and out of fashion in healthcare. Electrotherapy has certainly been a victim of this. Therapeutic Ultrasound was once a go-to option for virtually any soft tissue injury despite its baffling array of settings and the fact no one could actually feel it doing anything!

After many studies with underwhelming results, many units sit dusty and unused in the corner of the clinic. So when shockwave emerged on the scene it’s fair to say some therapists were sceptical. We wondered is this ultrasound mark 2? 

Unlike its predecessors, there have been some encouraging results for shockwave, especially in tendinopathy and plantar fasciopathy. A new study in Achilles tendinopathy also had some surprising results which I discuss for you in a new video below. Also in this video:

  • Should we use shockwave in isolation or in combination with rehab?
  • At what time point might we consider shockwave?
  • What other treatment options do we have?
  • Is there a role for stretching?

Learn about assessment and treatment of peroneal tendinopathy, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and hip flexor pain in our free ‘Tricky Tendons’ video series. Visit clinicaledge.co/tendons to access it.



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