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Introducing Guaranteed Delivery Coverage Service

Introducing Guaranteed Delivery Coverage Service

At Revive Superfoods, we have always been committed to prioritizing the customer experience including ensuring your products are delivered on time with the quality you ordered and expect. Despite a challenging logistics and shipping market we have managed to secure additional safeguards for our customers.

We are proud to announce today alongside our shipping partners our Guaranteed Delivery Coverage Service ensuring that any boxes undelivered or which arrive 1 day after the expected delivery date with quality related issues will either be fully credited for the cups effected or 100% reshipped. No questions asked.

In order to continue providing the best quality and level of service that you expect from Revive Superfoods, we will be slightly adjusting our shipping prices. Your next billing will include a service guarantee fee of $9.99+*.

Our carriers have committed to additional customized safeguards for our product and we look forward to continuing to provide the best possible service for our customers.

Thank you for choosing Revive Superfoods! Stay tuned for the exciting launches we have coming soon.

*Based on your location, shipping fees may range between $9.99 – $19.99. The shipping charge applies for most locations on recurring orders only and is calculated separately from any order discounts.



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