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I’m hoping it will just happen again?

(tank, bra, shorts, shoes)

St. George run on my favorite paths–> 9 miles @ 8:46 average pace.

IMG 9878

After my run we went with my brother and his family to the Aspirational Trail.

IMG 9907

We painted some rocks to add to the trail that is lined with them.

IMG 9908

So. Many. Kids. ha.

IMG 0972

Skye was determined to run the whole way back to the car.  This is definitely a great trail with kids if you are ever in the St. George area.

IMG 9931

Whoever thought of the combo of guac with pomegranate seeds is a genius.

IMG 9934

Fried avocado needs to be present in many more tacos.  Roc Taco is my current #1.

IMG 9936

These fancy pop tarts were next door and they were a must.

IMG 9938

Beck just thinks he is one of the big cousins.

IMG 9899 2


I’ve been going back and forth between running the Utah Valley 10k or the half that is happening this weekend.  I finally decided on going for the half mostly because I always do the 10k and have never raced this half. I’ve done this half while pregnant with Brooke, while pregnant with Skye and when I was pacing Andrew for his PR so I’m excited to see how racing it goes.

I’m really really hoping something happens that I’ve noticed happen before…

Once I hit a sub 3 marathon (after 8 years of trying and missing it), it seems to happen again more easily now.  I don’t think it is physically easier but mentally it is because I know I’ve done it before so it doesn’t scare me as much as it used to.  I have never gone under 1:20 in the half until Vigor (3k ft elevation drop!) a few weeks ago and I’m hoping since I did that there, it will trick my brain into doing it again this weekend on a much harder course.

I’ll be the experiment and see if it really is just our heads holding us back when it comes to these goal times.  I’m thinking that once we do something (even thought it was on a VERY downhill course), it will make it easier mentally to do it again and again?!


Thoughts on this?  Experiences of one you do something, it seems to mentally come easier?

Favorite addition to guacamole?

What is your run today?

Question from Knox—> Who is your favorite movie star?



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