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Getting Real! A Crystal Conversation Podcast 🎙️💎

Today we’re highlighting my crystal podcast conversation with Amanda Nicole from Golightly Radio!

I was lucky enough to meet Amanda face-to-face a couple of years ago at the Tucson Gem Show in Tucson, Arizona.  We had a meet-up for students of my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course and it was so much fun!

crystal conversation

It’s always an absolute joy to co-create with my students and Amanda is such a trailblazer, this opportunity was super special!

We had an energizing conversation + we discussed all sorts of things!  Including:

  • How I got started with crystals — we’re taking it back to when I was three years old!
  • Where + when did my connection with Crystal Grids happen?
  • What causes Rainbows in crystals?
  • And so much more!

Go Lightly – Crystal Conversation Podcast

You can listen on Spotify here, or on apple here.

OR click to play the video below (FYI, it’s audio only).

Go Lightly Crystal Conversation Transcript:

Amanda Nicole: All right, guys. So I am so excited and honored to welcome to the show my teacher, mentor, and friend. Hibiscus Moon, welcome to Golightly Radio.

Hibiscus Moon: Thank you, Amanda. I am so happy to be here because, as I always tell you, I’m so proud of you. You’re one of our trailblazers. And this is really exciting to be on the 50th podcast because I’ve listened to your podcast. I think it’s one of the best crystals out there.

Amanda Nicole: Well, I am honored. It has been so hard to keep this a secret because I know that we’ve talked about having you on the podcast before, but having you here for the 50th episode means so much to me. So thank you so much for being here.

Hibiscus Moon: Same here.

Amanda Nicole: So I talk about you all the time and have discussed many times in past episodes how I was actually certified by you. I look up to you. You inspire me so much. But for anyone that’s listening for the first time, can you actually tell all of us how you got started with crystals?

Hibiscus Moon: Okay. Well, first of all, I talk about you all the time too. Okay. So this goes way back. One of my first memories, I’m three years old, and my father has a museum book, I think it’s the Museum of Natural History book, and they have a big mineral collection there at that museum. And he would take us there and he had the book and there were these amazing photographs of crystals, gorgeous crystals in their raw form, and then faceted into jewelry. But I was just so fascinated by them.

Hibiscus Moon: I was always in that book. My nose was always in that book. I knew something special, there was something special about them, and that something so linear and looking like a piece of art was coming out of the ground because they would show where the people would get the crystals. And I just almost couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Like, wait! How? I don’t understand it. I was just always fascinated by them. Fascinated.

And then I was always like really into metaphysical stuff and no one had to push me into that realm. I was always into that stuff, but I also was like a science nerd later in life too, but it was weird because I thought I had to compartmentalize those two things and didn’t realize that they really fit together quite well like two perfect puzzle pieces. So I realized that later in life.

Amanda Nicole: Oh my gosh. I think that’s so cool that you’ve been into crystals for so long. And then how did that turn into you teaching others about crystal? How did the academy start?

Hibiscus Moon: Well, I really have to say that was not my doing at all. That was really more of a co-creation. I started off on YouTube back in 2007. So I think that like equates to Jurassic Park world or whatever for the internet. And I went on there because I was looking for other people to share my passion for crystals, and crystal gridding. There was very, very little information anywhere online on that. There was no book… There were sections in books here and there a little bit, but not enough information to satisfy me.

I did find a small community and one guy that was teaching or showing what he was doing with his crystal grids. So it became kind of like a little community. And then I started doing my videos on YouTube around 2009. I was still a teacher. Science department head. So all you saw in those videos is my hands with the crystals, just hands and crystals, no face. And so my old followers remember that. And they just were always asking, we were a community, and they would say, well, you’re a teacher and you know about the science and you talk about the crystals. Can you teach a class on that?

Hibiscus Moon: And I actually knew how to do that back before online classes were a thing. I got asked when it was like a brand new thing in curriculum, instruction, and technology. So I was like, yeah, I can do that. And so back in 2009, we started with that. And then people asked, we did a class on crystal grids, they said, can you write a book on that? And I was like, yeah, that sounds like a great idea. It was like the universe was naturally opening up these doors and I was following through because it resonated with me. It would feel like something exciting within me.

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What are the other big takeaways?

I hope you enjoy this crystal podcast. What did you think of this conversation? Do you find Amanda as inspiring as I do? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

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