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Friday Favorites!

(Shoes, tank, shorts, socks)

Trails the day after speed will always be a challenge for me, but I have proof from a few years ago that this combo works.

A few years ago, I would have never thought I would be running so much in Nike (Andrew is shocked), but here we are.  I’m willing to branch out more with trails/slower runs vs speed/race shoes, and I’m happy I did with these.  They remind me so much of the Asics Novablast that I love so much (and did my last trail race in).  They are waterproof and offer a lot of traction with the best bounce (which is my favorite part of the Novablast).  Long story short, they feel like the trail version of the Novablast to me, and I love them.  The Hoka Speedgoat has a bit more protection from rocks, stability and comfort but they are bulkier than these.

10.2 miles @ 9:38 average with 1300 ft of climbing. +20 minutes of upper body strength!

After Brooke and Knox were out of school, we went up to dinner with my in-laws!

We got home late and I still foam-rolled… I’m on day 5 of my ‘foam rolling every night’ streak.


Let’s chat about a few of my favorite things…

*I loved using this as my swimsuit coverup and wore it all weekend in St. George.

IMG 8557

*My nieces peer-pressured me into these shoes (bc they know they will get them eventually since I give them all of my clothes/shoes) but I jumped on the platform trend, and I’m not mad about it.  These no-show socks are my favorite to wear with all of my shoes like these.

IMG 9336

*Target has the absolute best cheap tanks.  $8.  Lots of colors.

IMG 9292

*I take s’mores pretty seriously and I have tried many variations.  This variation wins.

IMG 9555

The search for perfection has come to an end.

IMG 9559

*Janine said, “There actually IS a “pause button” for life- we just have to remember to push it when we need it (a few deep breaths, a quick walk, step away from the devices, etc.).”  It was such a good reminder for me!

*This picture of Brooke and Knox from one of the first times they met.  I cannot believe how fast it has gone.


Have any favorite things lately?

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Your perfect smore combo?  Anyone not a fan of s’mores?

Trail runners—> favorite shoe for the trails?

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