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Fake Ajoite Rant

Sigh, yes, fake ajoite… again.

Let’s get pronunciation out of the way first, for the love of all things cannoli…

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The Crux of the Matter

So what we seem to have happened here is that since true-blue Ajoite is soooooo rare and expensive now, we have sellers now calling milky quartz cast-offs with any sort of blue or green mineral in them and calling them “AJOITE”.

fake ajoite

(I know I’m going to receive a lot of shit for this but…)

No, sorry. It’s not. 

THIS is not ajoite!

And it’s not “Raw Ajoite”… no such thing!

fake ajoite

And you know what?

I’m not sorry.

You try to sell that low-grade quartz mass off as “ajoite” amongst the educated rock hounds and mineral collectors at any Gem Show worth it’s salt —

and you’ll get your ass handed to you.

If you want my first blog post on faked ajoite that’s here, but today there’s a bit of a twist on what’s going on. It’s a new trend that I’m seeing over the last six months or so.

I know there are those out there who like to bully me on this very topic and get me to back down… tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about and yeah, that doesn’t feel good. I don’t like confrontation at all.

But you know what I DO like? What I love, in fact??? 

I love to educate our community on what’s available, what’s trending, pitfalls to watch out for, etc. so we can make really informed decisions when adding specimens to our sacred collections.

The mineral market is continuing to grow and misrepresentations and foolery is growing right along with it. Seems there’s a “gap” in good reliable info on this sort of thing in general.

I get really super-passionate about getting this info out there and I feel I’m in a very unique position to do just that, being a former science department chair, having studied geology at the Master’s level, and being a Crystal Energy Teacher with a pretty large platform gives me a great advantage…

so how could I NOT heed the call?

I’m so honored to be able to serve in this way + grateful for being given the opportunity to do so!

Here’s the deal on Fake Ajoite:

If you are being presented with a milky quartz mass  — then it’s most likely some form of chrysocolla on top or within. Some of these fakes are simply low-grade quartz + chrysocolla or light malachite masses or tumbled stones.

Real ajoite crystals are just that, crystal formations with the ajoite blue-turquoise color embedded within (can’t scratch a chunk on the outside) many times forming as aqua-blue phantoms within.

Like this…

real ajoite

Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m gonna stick my neck out and create a definition that I think our Crystal Family can rely on for what Ajoite truly is: 

A relatively high quality clear quartz crystal with a turquiose-colored inclusion within. This inclusion most likely is a copper-derived hydrated sodium potassium copper aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral.

And then beyond that, I just need to show some examples of what it IS…

Real Ajoite

Shopping for my coveted authentic Ajoite!

and what it ISN’T…

not ajoite

NOT Ajoite. And not “Raw Ajoite” either

To really GET what I’m throwing down here, I did a whole interactive Instagram story rant about this with our Crystal Family.

Bunches of examples + quizzes for you are included there so you can LEARN and then test your ajoite-spotting skills. I’ve saved it in the Highlights and call it “Ajoite Rant” for you.

I just really don’t want you missing this. It was the BEST way I knew how to demonstrate what I’m trying to convey. (If you don’t already follow me on Instagram please do @hibiscusmoon)

Some of these sellers may know full well they’re passing off fakes or causing purposeful confusion, but others may have no idea. So, I feel it’s up to our Crystal Family to inform such sellers so they can know in the future and pay it forward by educating their customers. ♥

Use your common sense here. If it’s too good to be true, then yeah, it probably is.

**Please SHARE this info with other Crystal Family so that we all stay in the know and well-informed. No duping us with freakin’ FAKES!!!!**😉

Yeah, I know. I’m VERY passionate about this. If you feel passionate about this too, please share this post in any way you prefer. (There are some handy-dandy “SHARE” buttons you can use at the bottom).

And if you want to learn more then please download my FREE Crystal Fakes Reference Guide — this resource has grown and grown with more fakes flooding the market and has become an invaluable resource for gem shopping.  Just enter your name + best email and this free download will be delivered to your inbox:

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If that’s what you wanted, that’s OK!

Now, if you choose to work with or sell these milky quartz/chrysocolla masses then go for it! Please don’t misunderstand me. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But please don’t:

  • cause confusion
  • try to bully everyone into accepting that this is the NEW AJOITE
  • charge falsely inflated prices
  • misrepresent

and call it “Ajoite” or “Raw Ajoite”.

I just want us all to have the knowledge first and then you can make an informed decision regarding how you choose to work with or sell these “stones”.

And as always, the moral of the story here is…

Buyer Beware. Who are you buying from? Are they reputable? Do they know what they’re talking about? Are you doing your own homework and research? The best way to protect yourself is through education. 🙂

Do you have any fake-out stories to tell? Please post in the comments below and help us all out!

Bracing myself…

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon signature



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