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Sharing my Society thoughts and recommending this exercise!

Hi buddies! How was the weekend? I hope yours was great. We enjoyed a long hike with Maisey and celebrating Liv’s birthday with friends. The weekend was ideal.

For this post, I’m excited to introduce Society, a new exercise format! I was constantly ad-targeted for this one, and since I love trying new body exercises and dance cardio, I decided to try it. Megan Roup (follow her on Instagram) created this exercise program, which I’ll review below. This review is unsponsored; I signed up for a 7-day free trial and will keep it for a few months. I’ve tried many health apps and am always excited to find a good one. 🙂

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Society Review

What Is Society?

Coach Megan Roup created Society, which combines dance cardio, barre, Pilates, and power. This workout style was created by Brooklyn Nets dancer Megan in 2017. “I needed to create a program that could help ladies achieve their goals and be fun. I want The Society exercise app to empower women through movement, to face their bodies with confidence and power, and to feel their best. (Supply)

On the Society app and website, there are over 400 lessons. The TSS app displays a sample weekly lesson schedule, live video schedule, popular movies, and programs when you first log in.

The lessons are divided into Mild + Newbie, 30 min sculpt, 30 min dance cardio (my favorite), 30 min full physique, 45-50 min full physique, aspect physique, stretch + yoga. In the “Getting Began” section, common workouts are explained and modified. I’ll highlight my favorite Society exercises below:

30 min Dance Cardio

My favorite is that one. The combos are more athletic and easy to watch, but still fun. This is difficult when teaching mixed dance abilities, but I think new to advanced dancers would enjoy these combos. Online dance classes are great because you can pause and repeat a move. Don’t be afraid if you’re not a dancer! These classes involve lots of jumping, but you can make them low-impact.

These classes start with a warm-up, then build on an athletic dance combo, take a break for arms and abs, and finish with the combo.

Quick Arms, Abs, and Full Body Exercises

Quickie exercises target multiple muscle groups in 15–25 minutes. These are fun additions to power or cardio workouts and focus on barre-style endurance (full-range actions, pulses, and holds). These are good exercises if you don’t have much time but need to move.

Shape Exercises

These half-hour workouts use light weights and a resistant band. Additional barre-based exercises include core stabilization, aspect collection, booty work, and ab burners. This could be a good way to change up power coaching, especially if you do more hypertrophy or circuit-based training (10-15 reps, reasonable weights). This can challenge you in a new way, and I like the core stability of many of those workouts.

Society Prenatal

Can you overcome pregnancy pains and feel strong and energized? You must try the Society‘s prenatal program! Your customized workouts build power, flexibility, and reduce pain. We offer low-impact cardio, power coaching, pelvic flooring, and abs workouts. Higher posture, less back pain, and more power prepare you for labor and supply. Join us now and discover how great you can feel!

Postpartum Program offers new mothers personalized exercises and expert guidance at home. Our program helps new mothers achieve their health goals despite motherhood’s chaos with a supportive group and a focus on physical and mental health. Sign up now to prioritize your health!

What gear do you want?

Few pieces of equipment are needed for these exercises. In the exercises I’ve done, I’ve only seen light hand weights, a resistance band loop, a Pilates ball, and non-compulsory ankle weights.

Review of Society Workouts

Benefits & Results

Megan’s exercise can be done at home or while traveling with minimal equipment.

I like Megan’s coaching style. I prefer trainers who seem like real people (which is why I love Les Mills exercises) and don’t like over-the-top peppy faux health teachers. They inspire without being fake). I work better when the teacher speaks normally, not high-pitched and excited lol. Megan has a beautiful vibe and is energetic and cues well, even though she has corporate taglines or solo dance breaks (hello Peloton). There are other trainers in the app, but I haven’t tried them.

Results depend on how often you do these exercises and how your other foundational habits (sleep, stress management, vitamin, hydration, etc.) are going. I like that it’s a balanced mix of power, cardio, mobility, core work, and stretching. You should include a few rest days and at least one day of heavier resistance training to fatigue.

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