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Dr. Kim & MindBody Mentors Alisha & Jess Answer Your Q’s About the Embracing Health Program

We’d love to support you in your healing journey. Jessica and Alisha have personally mentored with Kim for years. They now serve as mentors in the Embracing Health Program.

Jessica struggled with severe anxiety disorder and Lyme disease with such severe fatigue, she was bed-bound for years. Doctors told her she would never recover. Watch her interview here: https://drkimderamo.com/healed-doctors-said-healing-from-lyme-disease-was-impossible/

Alisha experienced anxiety and depression that had her feeling suicidal. No medications or therapy brought any relief. She also experienced urinary symptoms and gastric reflux. Watch her interview here: https://drkimderamo.com/healed-severe-depression-suicidal-thoughts/

In this episode of Mindbody TV, we will guide you in choosing your next steps for your personal expansion!!



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