Customize meal plans in the Wholesome Mummy App

Do you know the Wholesome Mummy App has many meal plans? Meal plans are available for keto, budget, hormone balancing, vegan, and more. Plus, you can easily tailor meal plans to your preferences.

You get different meal plans and monthly theme changes with the 28 Day Weight Loss Problem!

New meal plan types may be added or modified, but the Wholesome Mummy app makes it easy to try out and customize.

Jump ahead to find easy app meal plan customization:

Currently available Wholesome Mummy app meal plans

Meal Plan Themes:

  • Selection and Finances Timesaver High Calorie Vegetarian/Vegan Solely Dinner/Lunch/Snacks Solely
  • Our full list of Wholesome Mummy app meal plans and a detailed breakdown of each plan is available.
  • Sascha has lost over 30 kg with The Wholesome Mummy and is here to show you how easy it is to use the app and customize your meal plan.
  • Every 28 Day Weight Loss Problem has a monthly theme, like Sugar Detox or Immunity Boosting.
  • Every Wednesday, the app downloads weekly meal plans for each Problem. Everything can be customized to suit you and your family.
  • Sascha explains how to maximize the App’s recipes and shopping lists in this video. Or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Detailed instructions for customizing a meal plan

Our meal plans are easy to use, but we know everyone has different tastes, so we make them fully customizable. Follow the steps below to customize this month’s meal plan.

Step 1. Visit meals.

Open the Wholesome Mummy App and select Meals from the bottom bar.

Step 2. Problem Theme in upper left corner

In the upper left corner, you’ll see the Problem Theme, 5 Key Components, the month, and the meal plan type (e.g. Finances Time Saver 1500 cals).

Step 3. Click the current month.

Click on the downward-facing arrow on the current month to view past and present Problem Themes.

Observe: Hole Week is common.

Proof of the whole week is here. This may affect when you see next month’s issue.

Week 4 of any problem shows the first week of the following month if there is no hole week. During a hole week, you can watch the first week of the next problem.

Step 4. The meal plan appears.

After clicking on the new month, click on the downward-facing arrow on Meal Plan type (Newbie) to see the meal plan options for that month and change them as needed.

If a new meal plan type is added for a new month, you can see it from Wednesday in Week 4 of the current issue by switching themes. OR it will be seen during Hole Week.

Step 5. If you change your meal plan, the meals will likely be updated.

If your meal plan changes for the new month, it will automatically replace the new one.

Our usual meal plan types (Selection, Lunch Only, Dinner Only, Snack Only, Finances/Time Saver, Increased Calorie, Vegetarian, and Vegan) will likely fit our monthly Problem theme.

Our nutritionists design our specialty meal plans, such as keto, pregnancy, 45+ hormone balancing, pantry basics, newbie, actual mums meal plans, 3 pot bulk cooking, and customer selection meal plans (Gluten Free, Air Fryer, High Protein, Low Carb), to meet specific needs.

You can customize all meal plans with our 1000s of app recipes!

The Wholesome Mummy App offers what else?

HealthMummy App Infographic

Exercise tracking in the app

The App makes tracking your exercise easy! Listing what you ate, how much water you drank, and what you did that day.

This lets you track and account for everything. This becomes an easy daily habit quickly.

Healthy Mum Sascha shares how to use the app’s bar code scanner to track your meals, including customized ones:

The Wholesome Mummy app health

Our private trainers created the app’s train packages for mothers to do at home, even with kids. Train classes aren’t longer than 30 minutes!

You can start easy and build power and stamina over time with various ranges.

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