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Cucumber Nutrition facts and Health benefits

Selection and storage

armenian cucumbers in a market
Armenian cucumbers in a market. (Cucumis melo var. flexuosus)

Cucumbers can be sold readily in the local markets all around the season. Fresh varieties, depending upon the cultivar type and region, as well as preserved, pre-processed, and pickled are also made available in the grocery stores.

In the stores, buy fresh ones that feature bright green color, firm and stout in texture. Look for spots, cuts, or breaks on its surface. Do not buy overly mature or yellow-colored cucumber since they tend to possess tough skin, and mature (hard), inedible seeds. Furthermore, avoid those with wrinkled ends as they indicate old stock and out of flavor. Go for organically grown products to get the rich flavor and nutrient content.

Once at home, they should be washed thoroughly in clean water to rid of any surface dirt and pesticide residues. Their skin comes
in a variety of colors and often with tiny spikes that should be rubbed off easily. Do not discard the peel as it has vital minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber.

To store, keep them at room temperature for a day or two, but better stored in the refrigerator set at high relative humidity where they stay fresh for several days.

Preparation and serving methods

Wash them thoroughly in cold running water just before use. Scrub gently at places where prickles or dirt attached firmly. Trim both ends using a sharp knife and rub the ends to remove sticky, off-white, fluid-like oozing substance in order to lessen bitter taste at either end. Cut into cubes, slices, as you may desire.

Here are some serving tips:

  • Fresh, cleaned cucumbers may be enjoyed as they are without any additions.

  • Its cubes/slices are a great addition to vegetable/fruit salads.

  • Indian yellow curry-cucumber (dosakayi) is used widely in a variety of curry, and stew preparations in South India with added buttermilk and yogurt.

  • Finely chopped fresh slices mixed with yogurt, cumin, coriander, pepper, and salt to make Indian condiment, cucumber raita.

  • Cucumber juice is a very good health drink.

  • Fine slices also added in delicious Spanish cold tomato and cucumber soup, gazpacho.

  • Gherkins and thick rind of other varieties have been also used in the preparation of pickles.

Safety profile

Often, some cucumbers mat turn bitter akin to bottle gourds due to terpenoid toxic compounds such as cucurbitacin B, D, G, H, etc.

A small slice of cucumber should be tasted before eating the whole fruit to ensure that it is not bitter. If found; the whole fruit should be discarded. In a case of discomfort after consumption (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or any feeling of uneasiness), the person should be immediately taken to any nearby hospital. (Medical disclaimer).

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