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Crystal Grid Under Glass Box, Bowl, Cabinet, Cloche?

Will a crystal grid under glass still work? Can you put a crystal grid inside a glass box, terrarium, glass cabinet, under a glass bowl or glass cloche? Will it block the energy and intention from getting out?

Why Would You Place A Crystal Grid Under Glass?

This is something I get asked sometimes when it comes to the placement of crystal grids in the home. There are quite a few reasons that people want to put their crystal grid under glass. Firstly, a glass covering will protect the grid from being disturbed.

This could be to protect it from small children or pets. It also reduces the chance of people you live with or visiting touching the grid or moving the crystals when you’re not around.

crystal grid under a glass bowl
Crystal grid under a glass bowl (used)

TIP: Glass bowls make inexpensive and secure coverings for crystal grids. They are hard to move by animals or small children.

Glass coverings or boxes still allow you to see your crystal grid. This enables you to easily consciously connect with your grid and still enjoy its beauty. It also helps constantly reminded you of your intention.

Another reason is that a glass covering will protect your grid from dust. Physically cleaning the base and crystals in your crystal grids takes time, especially if you have a few, like me! 😅

purple and green crystal grid with flowers andmy books
Crystal grids work best when free of dust

Another one that comes up is the ready-made crystal grids that are wall-mounted. These often come framed, like most frames the grid is protected by a pane of glass. This is to protect the painting or in this case crystals from dust. Before I tell you what I think about putting your crystal grid under glass, I think it’s important to understand what glass is.

Crystal grids under glass bowls and in glass boxes
Does a crystal grid under glass still work?

What Glass Actually Is

I see a lot of misconceptions around materials like glass. Glass has been made by humans since ancient times. Although it is ‘man made’ it is made from natural materials. You might be surprised to learn that even today glass is still made from mostly melted sand.

Something To Think About On The Beach

Sand comes from weathered rocks, including crystals and minerals. Sand contains tiny gemstones, 🤯 both minerals (including Aragonite and Garnet) and organic ones (including Coral and Pearl). One of the most abundant minerals found in most sand is Quartz.

Being high in silica-rich minerals like Quartz, sand melts to produce the crystal clear material we call glass. A material that we now know is great for recycling over and over again. Some glass such as that used in windows or for cooking (soda-lime glass) has minerals from Limestone and Dolomite to make it stronger.

TIP: And yes if you’re wondering, walking or laying on the sand at the beach or in a desert is deeply healing and cleansing.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Glass

Glass is a natural material made from materials that have energy. It’s not a coincidence that it looks so similar to Clear Quartz and has a similar composition to Obsidian. Glass allows light to pass through it and can also act as a lens. It can focus, bend and amplify waves of light.

My perspective on glass is that its energy is similar to clear quartz. Feng shui masters and practitioners are well aware of its properties and use in the home. Glass allows spiritual energy to pass through it freely.

This geometric glass display box makes a beautiful crystal grid holder

What Happens To Your Crystal Grid Under Glass?

If you need to place your crystal grid under a glass bowl, box, terrarium, cabinet, case, cloche or frame it will still work. The energy of the crystals in your crystal grid will pass through glass. The sacred geometry and your intentions will still shine like light through the glass, out into the ether and the universe.

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