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One of the benefits of humming is the release of nasal Nitric Oxide, which among its many properties, has anti-viral qualities. We first reported on this in our book The Humming Effect but we are so pleased that more and more people are releasing videos proclaiming the therapeutic power of the hum. What a blessing that such an easy sound can be shared with so many people!


Andi & I have created a short video demonstrating techniques of “Conscious Nitric Oxide Humming” for creating the maximum amount of nitric oxide during the humming experience.  You’ll learn about the resonant frequency of the hum (is there an actual frequency or is it a band width of sound?) as well as the best technique to create the most nitric oxide in order to manifest the most potent anti-viral power. This video is based on our personal experience and practice with Conscious Humming combined with insights from the peer reviewed research related to this topic. 


Here is a link to the article that started it all. This is a wonderful, 50 page pdf from the Karolinska Institute, a Medical School that produces many Nobel Prize winners. This research by Mauro Maniscalco, MD from 2006 and demonstrates how Nitric Oxide can be generated through humming. It is worth reading and saving in your Sound Healing reference files: Click Here to Read More   





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