Complete Mushroom Tea Knowledge

Complete Mushroom Tea Knowledge

Tea trends like yerba mate, golden milk, and detox tea are springing up because hot tea has many health benefits. The “latest” trend is mushroom tea, but what is it?

Camellia sinensis produces true teas, black tea, inexperienced tea, oolong tea, and matcha. Infusions created with fruit, herbs, and mushrooms other than Camellia sinesis are called “natural tea.”

Steeping mushrooms in hot water makes a flavorful tea that tastes different from coffee or green tea. Whole or floor, fresh or dried mushrooms are possible. Reishi, lion’s mane, and chaga are common mushroom tea ingredients.

Fans of mushroom tea say it boosts energy, cognition, and adaptability.

Is mushroom tea as hyped? We turned to science and registered dietitians.

Mushroom Tea?

Mushroom tea with plate and spoon of mushrooms

Despite its second coming, mushroom tea is old. Many of the mushrooms used today are part of traditional Chinese medicine, which considered mushrooms a “elixir of life.”

Noelle Citarella, MS, RDN, CDN, a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist at Buffalo Diet and Dietetics, says Japan, Korea, and Russia have utilized mushroom tea for centuries.

Any edible fungus can be used to brew tea, however the most popular in marketed teas are:

Chaga and Reishi

Benefits of Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, Turkey tail, and Mushroom Tea

Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN, HHC, integrative medication dietician, Academy of Diet and Dietetics spokeswoman, and owner of Diet by Robin, says mushroom polysaccharides may activate immune system cells.

However, much of the research on this site focuses on mushroom components and which nutrients are good for humans. More research is needed to determine if and how mushrooms affect the immune system.

Ergothioneine, an antioxidant amino acid, is another mushroom ingredient, Foroutan says.

Many mushrooms used in mushroom tea are adaptogens. “Adaptogens are any bioactive compound that can protect against oxidative stress and scale back the stress response, so you’ll likely feel much less exhausted from stress,” Citarella explains.

Which mushroom tea is best?

5 mushroom tea varieties

Certain mushroom tea fungus may have benefits. “The scientific proof isn’t that sturdy but, nevertheless, it’s promising,” Citarella says.

We need more randomized trials with humans rather than animals or cells to support these claims, but here are some benefits:

Traditional Chinese medicine and Russian herbalism have employed chaga mushrooms for centuries to help the body adapt to oxidative stress.

  • Reishi mushrooms may boost immunity.
  • Lion’s mane was studied for mental health benefits in rodents.
  • Cordyceps may improve train efficiency, although each study listed had a limited number of participants.
  • Turkey tail may boost the immune system, but further research is needed.

Mushroom Tea Warnings

Mushroom varieties may have unforeseen effects.

“You probably have any health circumstances, check with your doctor or dietitian to ensure they’re best for you,” Foroutan advises. As with other nutritional supplements, pregnant or breastfeeding women should see their doctor before using these teas.

Do not disregard the rest of your diet. “One tea won’t change all the pieces for you,” Citarella says. “It’s important to see the whole picture.”

If you want to improve your athletic performance or feel less foggy, consider your overall health, not just your tea.

Explore Mushroom Tea and learn about several mushroom varieties over a cup of tea.

DIY mushroom tea is easy. Steep whole or ground fresh mushrooms in hot water, or grind dried mushrooms into a powder, then press and sip.

Foroutan advises buying pre-made mushroom tea powders and mixes online or at supermarkets because they’re easier and cheaper. For adaptogenic benefits, fiber, and protein, skip the tea and try Plant-Primarily based Vegan Shakeology, which contains chaga and reishi.

*Meals and Drug Administration has not reviewed these statements. This product should not diagnose, treat, or prevent illness.

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