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Chakra Chanting Concert featuring Jonathan Goldman & Kan’Nal

Back around the turn of the century (give or take a few years), I was asked if I would be interested in doing a live “Chakra Chants” experience with a band in Denver. At first, I was quite skeptical—particularly since I didn’t know the musicians in the band. Andi & I went to meet them and were truly impressed with their kindness, courtesy and in particular, musical skill and understanding of the power of “Frequency + Intent.”


It turned out that the band, Kan’Nal, while at the time being currently local in Boulder were also a nationally known festival band with roots in the Mayan tradition. We did several practices together and then performed one Saturday night at a club called Cervantes in downtown Denver. Kan’Nal backed me in the “Chakra Chanting Concert” and then followed with a set of their own. This experience was filmed. Recently, I came across a DVD and found it contained the entire show. When I watched it, I was amazed in particular by the resonance we had together for the “Chakra Chanting Concert”. I uploaded this experience and it is now available on YouTube.


Please note, this was the only such experience of its kind. This event features not only Kan’Nal, but also my wife Andi and our dear sound healing friend Kimba Arem.  Incidentally, we have remained friends with the members of Kan’Nal through the years (the group disbanded quite a while ago) and in particular consider their guitar player, Tierro, as a dear friend, excellent musician and producer of numerous music festivals. He is, in fact, producer of the currently occurring Winter Solstice Fest from the Shift Network. With the blessings of the band, I now present this once in a lifetime group ritual experience.



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