Intercourse after 60 or 70 may be satisfying: 6 intercourse therapist tips

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Nice conversation with older people starts with believing it’s possible and speaking up when you need to change. Many people want to enjoy their golden years, but how? How about hobbies, travel, and spoiling your grandchildren? How about nice conversation? The Gerontologist published a study last month on how well sexual expectations match reality over … Read more

5 Unusual IT Career Success Ideas

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People who want to break into tech but are intimidated ask me for advice as an IT professional. My answer is always the same. Breaking into tech isn’t easy, but the intersection of technology and daily life has grown so much that you can study in many directions and still be related to something you … Read more

Why Do We Feed Death Retailers?

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Mainstream media portrays the Ukraine conflict as successful and Russia as defeated. We must give Ukraine the tools to succeed. Based mostly on a “huge leak of secret paperwork,” Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies wrote in Salon on April 24, 2023, “that now seems to be like disinformation.” Who’s surprised? False Accounting Both Ways The … Read more

Ages You Faster Despite Appearing Healthy

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Disease Prevention vs. Longevity Optimization That paper suggests that several nutritional supplements’ positive stage may not be enough for longevity. The degrees needed to reduce disease may not be the same as those needed to optimize longevity. Ames says: I was curious about nutritional supplements in 2006. I worked on mitochondria, which make all of … Read more

Yoga Mudra: Types, Methods and Benefits

Yoga mudras have long been known to promote health and longevity. Here are the top 5 yoga mudra types, methods and benefits. When people think of yoga, they think of poses and breathing exercises. Yoga Mudra is less well known. Mudra in Sanskrit means ‘gesture’. Yoga mudras involve hand movements. These hand movements have many … Read more

Best brain-healthy yoga asanas

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Was it known that brain yoga can boost brainpower? Did you know some asanas boost brain health? Exercise is essential for all muscles. Your brain controls speech, thought, mobility, and emotions, among other functions. Brain function depends on activity. Yoga for brain is an effective way to boost brain power for better memory and concentration. … Read more

4 Food Groups for Safe and Fast Weight Gain

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Certain foods can help someone gain weight quickly and safely. They include whole grains, healthy fats, and protein. A doctor may advise underweight people to gain weight. Slow weight gain is most sustainable. Rapid weight gain can be difficult to maintain. Consult a doctor before gaining weight quickly. Weight loss or difficulty gaining weight may … Read more