Carrots ‘N’ Cake: Why Orangetheory Is Unhealthy

Wondering why Orangetheory is risky? Here’s why I quit Orangetheory.

It was not as easy as I thought to lose weight, get fit, and tone up with Orangetheory. Gaining weight harmed my health. It was a bad choice, and I realized Orangetheory is dangerous.

When I started Orangetheory, I felt good. After a high-intensity workout, I liked the endorphin rush. Initially, I liked it. As the weeks went on, I felt more negative health signs I couldn’t ignore. It helped me realize that Orangetheory was causing my body to act up. I understood why Orangetheory is dangerous for girls.

Here are some signs I’ve seen and why they’re bad, especially if you’re a woman trying to lose weight and change your body.

Why Orangetheory isn’t the best way to tone and build muscle

I gained weight, which surprised me. It happened quickly! I did Orangetheory three to five times a week for eight to 12 weeks. The number on the size slowly increased. Before expanding, it fell. Before starting this new exercise routine, I thought I would lose weight and never gain it. I was surprised that a lot of the weight started to build up in my stomach, which was the last place I needed to lose weight! This indicated a desire to change my exercise routine.

My second symptom was waking up at night. My sleep is usually good. I usually fall asleep easily. After starting Orangtheory, I would wake up between one and three in the morning, toss and turn, and not get a full night’s sleep. It was getting annoying. I was exhausted often. I later discovered this meant my blood sugar was dropping in one day.

You must stop Orangetheory?

It’s smart to consider what happens during an Orangetheory exercise and how you use your muscles. The glucose your body produces for power is being used up and should be replenished. Not fueling enough or doing too much exercise were my problems. My blood sugar crash woke me up. When your blood sugar drops, your stress hormone, cortisol, rises to raise it. I used to wake up wired, heart racing, and unable to fall asleep. It seemed hopeless until I changed my exercises.

My crash after Orangetheory exercises was the third symptom that shocked me and I couldn’t ignore it. I’d feel fine immediately. An hour-long workout would energize me. Fun exercise! A good 30–60 minutes after that exercise, I was exhausted and wanted a nap. On a random Tuesday, it was hard to get to work. I felt like my coffee consumption didn’t matter. You shouldn’t feel exhausted from training. It should energize and make you feel good, but I felt terrible. I initially thought it was a new exercise.

Why Orangetheory Is Bad

Last but not least, I couldn’t ignore my hunger between workouts. Sugar and carbs used to tempt me. Carbs offer quick energy. They offer the best health value and fast power, which my body needed. Having crazy cravings and infinite sugar cravings was hurting my body composition goals because I was probably eating too much junk. My blood sugar was various!

Truth about Orangetheory exercises

I learned a lot about my body from Orangetheory. I ignored many of my symptoms until they became too much to ignore. It implies I felt awful. I gained weight, couldn’t sleep, and craved carbs. I felt like this exercise affected my health in many ways.

Today, I exercise differently. I treat my body differently. I created StrongMadeSimple, an at-home exercise program, and power coach more. It helps you build lean muscle and lose fat without stressing your body, so you can get the body composition changes you want.

I don’t hate Orangetheory; I think it’s a great exercise. In my opinion, high-intensity exercises are fun and appropriate for the right person at the right time. It was too much for my body.

Continue Orangetheory if you like it and think it’s working. If you’re doing Orangetheory, tell me you’re addicted. If you’re doing Orangetheory and this resonates with you, let me know because you’re not alone and maybe your exercises need to be changed.

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