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A peek into… – The Hungry Runner Girl


When Andrew and I were at Plunj (the place we go into the sauna followed by an ice bath x 3), we met a guy there that was somewhere around day 1,400 of a running streak.  He was talking about how running gives us the chance each day to get a peek into our own psychology.  Are we being kind to ourselves?  Are we cheering ourselves on?  Are we our own biggest critic?  Are we quitting easier?  Are we good at telling ourselves to hold on and endure?  Do we keep moving forward when it hurts? There is nothing like a speed workout to really give us a look at the way our brain works.  The rest of the day is usually so busy that I don’t really look into the way my brain is working but during a run, it’s interesting to see where I’m at and where I can improve.

Whenever I have a race on a Saturday, I do my last little bit of speed on Tuesday.  I’m planning on doing a few 30 second strides on Thursday too and then taking Friday off.

Yesterday after a few miles of warming up, I did—> 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 3 minute, 1 minute (with 90 second jogging recoveries).  For each of the fartleks, I went at about 10 seconds faster than my half marathon goal pace.

My friend sent me a pacing chart for the course… Seeing the numbers like this seems VERY fast.  This course has a net elevation drop of 685 which is still a lot but I think is somewhat comparable to a course at sea level (we are at 4,500 ft above sea level)… but I would love to hear any thoughts on that!

IMG 9831 2

It was HOT out so I’m hoping that up north we have much cooler temps on Saturday for the race.

PS If you are in town, I’ll be speaking at the Utah Valley Marathon at 5 pm!  Would love to see you there!

IMG 9944

My cousin and his family just moved from California to St. George.  We went over to their new house to see it and help.

The goal is to get as many family members as we can in the St. George area over the years:)

IMG 9945

We swam.

IMG 9947

We played.

IMG 9962

The Hollars.  If you are looking for a movie that will make you sob uncontrollably, you can watch this on Hulu.   We watched it during Beck’s nap while the kids were playing with cousins and I haven’t cried this hard in a while.  Really good movie but be prepared if you do watch it.

IMG 9964

We went back over to my cousin’s house and Beck tried to steal their skateboard.

IMG 9965

I found my new favorite restaurant in St. George.  I will probably have to grab something else from them today—> Mad Pita Express.

IMG 9970


Do you enjoy watching movies that makes you cry?  What is one that makes you cry?

Do you live near any of your extended family?

Sour candy… your thing or no way?

Who has a June birthday, race or anniversary?



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