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3 Ways To Boost Sparkling Water With Superfood Ingredients

Why should you learn how to boost sparkling water. Because if you want something refreshing to drink, no major news flash here: soda is horrible for your health. In fact, drinking just one 12-ounce can of soda was found in a study to be associated with an 18% risk of developing type 2 diabetes. And drinking two sodas a day was associated with an 18% risk of developing a stroke. 

The good news is that soda consumption is down. In fact, according to Well + Good, soft drinks have declined by roughly 4 percent every year over the last 5 years. One type of beverage that’s filling the gap is sparkling water. In fact, bubbly H2O sales are forecast to grow by roughly 12% every year until at least 2027.

You’ve probably noticed a profusion of sparkling water-infused alcohol brands. And if only you could go back in time a few years and start a sparkling water alcoholic beverage brand yourself, you could be a billionaire!

But there’s a far healthier way to enjoy sparkling water than adding alcohol. The solution is also much more delicious in comparison to just drinking plain sparkling water. 

Introducing boosted sparkling water. What’s boosted sparkling water? It’s sparkling mineral water with added superfood ingredients, including adaptogenic herbs. Boosted bubbly water, says Well + Good, will be a major health trend in the next coming years. But the future is now…

How To Make Your Own Boosted Sparkling Water With Superfood Powders

It’s easy to elevate your sparkling water experience. All you need is your favorite high nutrient density BōKU powder and zero-sugar sparkling water. 

To make a functional superfood sparkling water drink, simply combine a scoop of our award-winning SUPERFOOD POWDER with any sparkling water. For optimal results use a SHAKER BOTTLE and make sure the lid is on tight. Open the bottle slowly and carefully to release the gas. 

If you’re about to do a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, you can add a scoop of SUPER FUEL to sparkling water and add a few ice cubes for a pre-training session cold energy boost.

And after your workout is over, if you’re still craving a functional bubbly beverage, you can add a scoop of our multi-plant-powered, complete-essential-amino-acid-profile SUPER PROTEIN (choose between original, Vanilla and Chocolate).

Does Boosted Sparkling Water Mix Well?

We’re glad you asked. While one may think that superfood powders wouldn’t mix well with sparkling water, the opposite is true! The effervescent bubbles in soda water help to better blend the superfood powder. In the warm/hot months, which is over half the year here at BōKU HQ in beautiful Ojai, CA, we boost sparkling water all the time. By the way, if you’re ever in town (we’re close to Santa Barbara), please stop by and say hi. We’ve got a brand new cafe coming soon!

Watch how easy it is to make boosted sparkling water with superfood powder below:


Boost Sparkling Water With Superfood Powder: Conclusion

The double-headed metabolic monster of obesity and diabetes shows no signs of being conquered. Still, it’s good to see that one of the biggest contributors to these disorders is on the wane. Sparkling water can be a satisfying alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks. Even better yet, you can boost sparkling water with superfood powder for a nutritious and delicious bubbly beverage.



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