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10 Best Running Instagram Accounts for 2022

One of my favorite things about Instagram is the way it connects runners from around the world. We understand your runner’s high moments of crossing that finish line or simply having a planned 5 miler turn in to 8 glorious miles!!! Let’s take a look at some running influencers that you’ll fully love following.

These are coaches, runners and people who get it. They are not elite or celebrity runners.

Because I know you can find those folks already!

From our pure love of what we get to do, to the emotions of going through an injury and the tips we need to run strong for as long as possible.

While there are TONS of running Instagram accounts, these are the ones I love checking on daily.

10 Best Running Instagram Accounts

If you’re looking for some great runners to follow {who aren’t elites or celebrities} then I’ve got a round up of running influencers that you’ll love.

Some share amazing nature, some real life, some crazy speed…but you’ll connect with them all!

What you’ll notice is that I’m rarely including people who are sharing their daily workouts.

While that can be interesting, I find the emotions, the places and the information WAY more engaging. There are only so many days in a row I can say “great job” on your running stats.

Each of their handles in linked so you can go straight to their profile and see more reasons that I’ve included them in the list.

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#1 Iron Will Jill

If you think running is hard, try doing it while managing Rheumatoid Arthritis and a big active family.

But not just managing it, taking control and still running, swimming, biking, lifting, smiling and sharing her will to continue moving. This woman will put a smile on your face and remind you we GET to run.

You will enjoy her attitude and reminders to truly embrace your runs, however short or wet! Plus, now her kids are in to running and it’s pretty cool to see the whole family enjoying this sport at different levels.ironwilljill

#2 NC Runner Jacky

After an amputation, Jacky pushed herself not only to run, but to go the distance and over the last year to take up ultrarunning on the trails!

And recently she tackled running a marathon a day for 104 days!! Yup, that’s a world record! She even did it while traveling to run the Boston marathon, which required some serious planning skills.

She’s continually facing her fears and pushing forward with such a great positive attitude. Attitude is so much of running, that I can’t get enough.ncrunnerjacky

#3 RunToTheFinish

Heck yes I’m on this list, ha!! As a running coach, I love that Instagram provides me a place to give quick actionable tips and answer SO MANY QUESTIONS. Oh man the DM’s, ha.

But having been a run coach for over a decade and having coached thousands of runners, I LOVE IT.

I also think it’s important to share details about the high’s and low’s of training. The joy of pushing through, the pain of snow pelting you in the face and the things we all face regardless of our pace.

From the roads, to the trails to the gym for injury prevention!amanda runtothefinish

#4 Running Explained

For everyone who LOVES tips about running, Run Coach Elizabeth is another stellar follow. Like me she digs in to the research and is constantly sharing information that is going to help you take your running to the next level.

She also shares a lot of great reminders around the mental side of training, which you can also hear more about on her podcast. In fact, I did an episode with her about getting the most out of your treadmill runs!

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#5 Chrissy.nich.runs

A fellow running coach that I had the supreme pleasure of hanging with during the Colorado Ragnar. She specializes in pregnancy running and has tips galore for during and after that mother runners need.

I’ve also appreciated her focus on strength training in recent years. In stories she often shares how to lift heavy. And in the last year shared how she was able to keep lifting while pregnant!chrissy.niche.runs

#6 The Runner Beans

I feel extremely lucky to now count Charlie among my friends, thanks completely to Instagram!! We’ve met up at numerous races and I convinced her to fly here for Ragnar and we even did a book tour stop together! Now I just need to head to London to take in some of her great runs.

She’s honest, kind and a traveling machine who works HARD at her goals like being a 6 star  finisher. Recently she has been sharing the up’s and down’s of her journey to a BQ, which are so relatable.

On top of that, Charlie is a Registered Dietitian, which means she has some great fueling tips as well.The Runner Beans

#7 Running Yana

Almost daily Yana, an ultra runner and coach, is sharing running drills and movements that are going to improve your running. Whether you are looking to improve your form or prevent injuries her videos are super easy to follow and really helpful.

Plus, she is an ultra runner and again it’s just super inspiring to see those miles and the great places she runs!

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#8 Pittmanfit

You might be noticing a trend by now… I love smart runners. Runners who know how to incorporate strength training and have the knowledge to provide you with useful information.

Patricia is the trifecta as a runner herself, who strength trains and handles mom life like a pro!

As a coach herself, she takes the time to share strength training workouts which are super helpful. Additionally, you’ll find a lot of how she balances getting in workouts around LIFE. And sometimes how she doesn’t, which again is just super relatable. pittmanfit

#9 Track Club Babe

Kim is a fierce advocate for believing in your goals and working on your mindset to make them happen. But it’s not just about thinking your way to fast.

She shares a lot of the tips and tricks that helped her drop her marathon time, while getting healthier. I love the reminders that what works for others may not work for you, so don’t feel pressured in to high mileage, but do try working on your form and mind.

She’s a big advocate that anyone can get faster and we need to love our bodies!

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#10 Frangibar

Think age is a limiting factor in your running? Think again with the adventures of Fran! See her chase Ultras all over the world and simply enjoy the love of running in new places!

She’s also shown how she’s gotten fitter with age!

Honestly, I’m usually just jonesing to see where she is running next. But I think the mindset around feeling like she is fitter and stronger at 55 is a HUGE message that we all need more often. frangibar

How to Take Running Instagram Photos

I get tons of questions like “does someone follow you around to take these photos?” and how the heck do you get non-selfie run photos?!

So I did an entire post about getting great photos, the editing apps and the things that will help you grow your account too!

Bonus Runners to Follow on Instagram

I seriously had trouble stopping at 10, so here are a few bonus accounts I love. You’ll find more trail running inspiration and run motivation!

Relentless Forward Commotion – Having followed Heather for years, I can say you will find no one better to share ultrarunning tips! She is a great coach and runner herself.

Run_Rhandi_Run – If you’ve ever wondered how to LOVE ultra running, while somehow managing a family life and squeezing in the necessary strength training… plus a boatload of funny memes, you need to be here.

Jonathan Levitt – He’s doing so much for the entire running community from his work with Inside Tracker to always seeking out new ways to connect with the running community. You’ll also know him from For the Long Run Podcast.

Running With Sam– For all of you like me who are dying to have a 4 legged running partner, she’s going to absolutely convince you it’s worth it.

Featherstone Nutrition – Why do you need to carb load? What’s best for carb loading? How to fuel your runs and all the running nutrition questions are answered here!

Marcus Runs – I am rarely excited by people who post their daily runs. BUT Marcus is the exception because alongside his journey to a sub 3 hour marathon, he’s sharing so much about the mental side, the fortitude and the determination it takes to achieve a big goal.

Run To the Finish Coaches on Instagram!

Yup there’s a team of coaches here for 1:1 runners and virtual run club! You can find them all here:

And share your Instagram handle below or use #runtothefinish so I can find you!!

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